Venona Cypherpunks 

Welcome to the Cypherpunks Archives hosted at VENONA Secure Solutions.

We recognize that the archive is currently out of date (it is 1992-2000); we have archives to the current day, and are preparing a new index and search system for the site (as of March 2003). It is a relatively low priority, but hopefully will be completed soon. The system will use message-ID to prevent duplicate messages, and will automatically archive based on incoming messages. It will then be made open-source and hopefully integrated with popular mailing list management software like GNU Mailman for other sites to use.

The existing directory tree under "" will remain as-is; future indexing will be on a new URL linked from this site. Individual messages can be retreived by message-ID, or by month/week, or by content or header search.

For raw archive files, please check

Please contact [email protected] with any comments or questions about the archive. Thanks for your patience while the site is updated.